Dr. Larry Hinson, from "THE ORIGINAL HINSONS,"  has written a book about his life with his brother Kenny. The book is titled "Life With A Legend."  Now you can click on the address below and go directly to the purchase site!
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In Between engagements with the Original Hinsons, Kenny Would Ocassionally Join Larry & Jana For Special Singings!
Male Vocalist of 1988
Male Vocalist of 1994, Along With Other Awards!
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Kennny, drinking his favorite soft drink "Mug Root Beer." Last Christmas 1994
Kenneth Duane Hinson
            6ft. 0in
    1992 * 39 Yrs. Old
  "If  Dad Could See Me Now!"
Kenneth Weston Hinson
            6ft. 7in
    2005 * 23 Yrs. Old
Kenny's Last
Kenny, Larry & Jana
         On Stage
More Awards
Kenny's Headstone
Kenny, On Stage
In Heaven Now
Kenny's Awards
Little Known Information About Kenny Hinson
1. Kenny Was Named After Kenny Shires, The Pastor
  That Converted Cecil & Stella Hinson To Christianity

2. Kenny's Favorite Holiday Was Christmas

3. Kenny's Favorite Color Was Burgundy

4. Kenny's Favorite Style Of Humor Was British

5. Kenny Often Wore Prescription Glasses Both On And
   Off The Stage.

6. Kenny Loved The Magnolia Blossoms And Was 
   Buried Near A Magnolia Tree For This Reason

7. Kenny's Favorite Kind Of Dog Was An Irish Setter

8. Kenny's Favorite City Was Hendersonville, TN

9. When Not Working On The Road With The Hinsons,
   Pastoring Or Evangelizing, Kenny Often Produced
   Recording Projects For Other Artists In Gospel Music.
   Kenny Produced Several Of The Original Hinsons'
   Projects Over The Years, Beginning With High
   Voltage All The Way Upto One More Hallelujah

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