Kenny Did Not Begin Initially As The Lead Singer For The Original Hinsons, The Lead Singer At The Start Of The Group Varried From Song To Song.
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Kenneth Duane Hinson was born at the Santa Cruz County Hospital In Santa Cruz California October 17, 1953 the seventh child of eight born to Cecil and Stella Hinson, of 30b Hawthorne Road, Watsonville California. Almost immediately,Kenny suffered from anemia and severe bronchitis that would leave his lungs permanately damaged with scar tissue. Kenny would spend a great portion of his early life struggling with one sickness after another.

Kenny's parents had confidence that prayer would change the outcome of his condition and ultimately bring about  the long awaited healing that was needed. Finally Kenny's health would improve and Kenny would go on to become a strong average young boy though not until he was nearly in his teens.

It was during those early years however, that Kenny would discover that it would take both persitence and courage in order to receive what he needed from God. Being raised in a Christian home and trained up under his parent's pastoral, Kenny learned about Jesus, faith and Gospel music.

One could undoubtedly say that Kenny realized the knowledge of the scriptures under the tutelage of his father and yet,it was unquestionably his mother who exposed him to music. Simply showing him how to place his fingers on the strings of the guitar to form the keys C,G,E,F,D and A was all that was necessary to spark Kenny's God given talents. Although his mother had also intructed him on the finer points of piano and the accordion, the guitar would become his instrument of choice.

No one ever had to force Kenny to practice the guitar but instead he would usually have to be persuaded to stop, often pushing his family's tolerence level to the extreme. Using a hand me down guitar called a Blue Swede, fashioned as to copy one used by Elvis Presley, he pushed on never allowing the deadened echoes resulting from the sanded down fininsh to damper his enthusiasm. Rehearsing constantly with his Chet Atkins and Billy Grammer albums, Kenny worked tirelessly to perfect his performance. Within a few short months Kenny was good enough to join the ensemble of instruments that made up the church house band at his father's church.

In just a few short years,Kenny would be able to contribute his instrumental and vocal talents to help create the lengedary sounds of what was then known as The Singing Hinson Family. At the tender age of 15, Kenny took a step into the realm of Southern Gospel Music that would not only change it's future but serve to immortalize his name forever. Kenny was innitially a shy backward boy that for several years hid himself behind the body and neck of his long time electrical companion. Not until the late 1970's would Kenny finally come to realize that people actually cared more about his vocal attributes than his guitar playing abilities.

With a love for the down home country sounds of Merle Haggard and a passion for old fashioned conventional style songs, Kenny naturally came to create a unique sound that was all his own. Almost single handedly, Kenny would introduce a new and special style into the market of the Southern Gospel Industry that would eventually come to be known as Country Gospel Music.

Over the years that followed the new style of gospel music would continue to grow and expand, creating fans and admirers all over the world until the Gospel Music Industry could no longer ignore it's existence nor it's creator. In 1976 at The National Quartet Convention held in Dallas Texas, Kenny was presented with the award for Favorite Male Vocalist Of The Year by The Singing News Fan Awards Magazine.

Although many other achievments for both his vocal talents and his writing abilties would follow over the years, Kenny never forgot the true reason for his sucsess was the anointing of The Lord. Just listening to the vocal versatilities of a Kenny Hinson recording leaves the listener feeling grateful for the experience.

Since his passing On July 27, 1995 at Nashville's Summit Hospital, it has become more apparent than ever that Kenny had an undeniable influence on people of various backgrounds. Preachers, Church members, fans, singers, and musicians as well as artists from secular fields of music, have noted his indelible mark left upon their lives. True to his natural need for perfection, Kenny has long since moved away to a more perfect place and yet his lengendary sound still remains with us through the technology of recordings that serve as a continuous reminder that we were once visited by one of God's greatest blessings! 
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